3 tracks from the virtual album “Seven” (2015)  …

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“ReBirth” (2013) is the sixth Album of Tired World .…

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“Tired World -ReMixEd” is a sampler we work on since…

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14 WaysTo Fall Apart

14 Way´s To Fall Apart

“14 Way´s To Fall Apart ” has 10 Tracks made in…

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CoverArt - Twilight


“Twilight” is our 3rd Album and we finished it in…

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BrandNewRomance is the second collection of songs we finished in…

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Patty & Dave

Patty And Dave

Patty & Dave -Released  1997 -99 . This is the…

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-About Us

“Tired World is a pure studio music project of Michael Müller…

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